UnLinked: Why Being Unconnected May Keep You Unemployed

  • Aug 9, 2017

UnLinked: Why Being Unconnected May Keep You Unemployed


A presence on social media can be the difference between getting a job and remaining without one. This may be as simple as an employer having a choice between two candidates and selecting the one who has an engaging social media profile that indicates a good fit with the company. However, it can be more complex than that as well. Without a social media presence, these days, employers may not find you in the first place. LinkedIn is a particularly important tool in the job search; unlike the other most popular social networking sites,

LinkedIn is specifically designed for professionals to make business contacts. A number of recruiters now use LinkedIn to identify suitable job candidates. This is often done by targeting prospects with specific keywords attached to their profiles, so accurate and effective keywords are important on a LinkedIn profile.

There are other important things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn profile. List your skills, ask others for recommendations and give them recommendations as well. Depending on what kind of work you do, you may want to add links to websites where examples of that work can be seen.

However, finding work through social media is not simply a matter of passively waiting to be contacted. There are a number of networking approaches that can help you land jobs. LinkedIn offers an excellent opportunity to network with former employers and colleagues. However, you can also extend your circle. You can make connections through your contacts as well as using tools like LinkedIn Groups; these discussion forums are excellent ways to connect with others who work in your field.

The same approaches you use to connect with people on LinkedIn can be applied to other social media as well. For example, consider who the major influencers and thought leaders are in your industry. You can follow them on Twitter and engage with them there. You can also target employees of companies you are interested in.

Social media is not just for learning from others however. You can also began to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Often, people have more skills and knowledge than they give themselves credit for. Everything from guest posts on blogs to tweets and more can help you demonstrate this knowledge, make more connections and make a good impression on potential employers. Offering something of valuable advice and information is one key to making connections over social media.

A social media profile including an active and complete LinkedIn profile at minimum are no longer a luxury in a job search but a necessity. Furthermore, social media now offers opportunities to not just find a job but to pursue your dream job. Jump to top

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