Custom Lanyards as Promotional Items

  • Oct 20, 2017

Custom Lanyards as Promotional Items

Custom designed lanyards with promotional names of your business such as those sold by Austin Promotional Products can display your business name, phone number, and website, and can help to promote brand awareness and often are used for a long time after they are handed out, making them particularly good handout gifts.

At a conference or trade show, promotional lanyards can be used to display the id cards and name tags that you wear and serve as a quick and forward introduction or reminder of your brand. By putting your brand name on a custom lanyard that you are using to display your product name at a trade show, the other attendees will quickly learn of your brand and company and may be inclined to look into what your brand is all about.

Customized lanyards make great giveaways and many people will attach these custom lanyards to their key chains for years providing your company will long term exposure.

At Internal Functions

Custom lanyards can be used internally as a way of generating company cohesiveness and makes a great option for a quick promo handout to employees at an event. Key chain lanyards and belt clips can be handed out and worn by users for a long period of time after the handout. While they may be discarded, their low cost means that they are very affordable. They are also big enough to offer some room to include significant information about the company.

Lanyards are a great option for promotional purposes or to use internally in your company. By customizing lanyard your company can create a unique promo item that is functional and useful and therefore more likely to be around to continually help your brand recognition to grow. In addition, the cost of customizing lanyard for your company is very affordable, and therefore provides a great option for a promo item.